Words, Thought Patterns and Emotions

First start working in the realm of words. To change your patterns, look at your words. To break the stranglehold of words, in any situation, say the opposite. By doing this, you will free yourself from the power of words. They will no longer hold sway over you.

Humans have become verbose. They cannot see beyond words and have lost touch with the self. The self is notjust what you say. There are millions of other processes happening in the system.

If you change the content of your thoughts and use opposite words, you will feel a disconnect between yourself and the words, and you will then begin to see your thought patterns.

Then you break the thought patterns by not acting out or doing the opposite. Now there will be a disconnect from what you do normally and you will start being more true to yourself. When you do this, you will lose your image.

Start examining situations that have passed and see how you could have acted differently. Struggle every day knowing that you could have done differently (differently, not better or worse).

Next, you come to emotions. When you start looking at thought patterns, you will fail every day but that doesn’t matter. Your mind will slowly start giving you the strength to see emotions happening. Like why do you feel happy when somebody says something nice to you and why you feel bad when somebody says something bad. You will know it’s not the present situation you are reacting to. The reaction is from the past, the same pattern being repeated. The pattern is not just what you are doing. It is that and what happens as a result because of which you react a certain way and the same thing happens. It’s a circle.

We must start with the prism exercises with which we are divorcing thoughts from the mind.

Thinking is primitive. To see does not require thinking. Thinking is linear and this method will take forever. With thinking humans will not get anywhere.

From thinking to seeing with the help of the prism exercises, you will start feeling things which will activate new thought patterns.