Notes – May 2013

1. The body can adjust itself if the concept is strong enough. E.g. women and high heels, or bikers who ride for hours in what looks like uncomfortable positions (Pulsar – Eliminator failed because the brand did not reflect the biker culture that the physical stance represents)

2. We are limited in both space and time – that’s why we bicker over land, over relationships. We are stuck in petty fights over sq. feet. But look at the mountains – they are so huge. One stone that falls off will kill you. If you want to become big, look beyond the earth, even the planets. Then stop asking – What’s in it for me? We ask this all the time because our vision is limited. We are scared because we think we have to grab, otherwise it will pass us by and we will miss out. We constantly live in psychological fear. We can’t see more than a few moments away. If we transcend space and time, we won’t feel the urgency of time. E.g. If in a crowded train you want to grab an empty space, zoom out and say no to the urgency, of wanting to take possession of that small little space. Every time you say no to grabbing a space or a moment in time, you transcend it.

3. Examine these statements – ‘Sharam nahi aati yeh karte hue?’Aur batao’ ‘What’s happening’ ‘What’s up?’ ‘What are you doing tonight?’

4. If you pretend to be something you are not, you will never be who you are.

5. At the end of every day, honestly see how much of what you had shown to others was not true and make amends the next day.

6. Anger is frustration.

May 5

7. Ask yourself: We are constantly thinking that we are wronged, that s/he is manipulating me, he shouldn’t have done this. How do we know that what we are thinking is correct and that we are in the right? What drives us to think this way?

If we know we can’t control people, why do we still spend so much time and effort in trying to make people do as we want?

8. A poor man never gets what he wants and thus remains poor. This is because a poor man acts like a poor man. I am not talking about socioeconomic status here. A poor man lives on the impulsive level, he is childish. His ways are crude. In a conflict situation, he says, ‘Let my image go to hell…’ and acts without weighing his actions.

On the other end of the spectrum is the rich man. His ways are very refined. He is very cunning and is successful in the world. He has learnt to stay calm in any situation. This is because for him, his image is most important. He will not risk it at any cost.

In between these two types is the middle-class man. He will keep switching based on the situation and what he has to gain or lose.

9. Catch in every moment how your every action, speech is driven by the community standing behind you – your father, mother, your friends. This is your legacy, your inheritance.

10. The one who is real, the entire world follows.

May 6
11. If you think I am getting carried away or not being objective in one instance, how can you trust me in everything else? It means you don’t trust me. And it also means that you don’t doubt me. It’s not about me, it’s about you, your perceptions. You can’t see me at all.

12. Q. When your feelings are raw, even the slightest touch hurts. On the other extreme, when feeling is suppressed, you feel nothing and then things are okay. Isn’t being raw, being vulnerable better?

D: Raw and vulnerable are two different things. When you are raw, you instantly react. Being vulnerable is feeling the slightest touch against raw skin and staying with the feeling, being okay with it. Just letting it pass through the system, digesting it. Then the pain goes and you are okay with that too. It’s just being in a state of vulnerability.

When you start practicing this, you begin collecting the energy similar to that of an atom bomb.

13. 36 cycles X 3 min = 108. The refining exercises is living the mantra. The phase exercises is living out the gayatri mantra. A mantra is not just words. This is the only way to change your structure.

May 7

14. Progress is not about making an effort to succeed, it’s about removing obstacles. And what are the obstacles? There is no real obstacle out there in the world. Everything is yours for the taking. Who is in your way really? The only obstacle is your lying.

May 11 – Sat session

15. A scientist who makes a discovery, the one who discovered the atom, doesn’t begin thinking he knows it all. He knows that there is still a lot else to know. But the one who has found out something about himself, begins to think he knows it all, that there is nothing left for him to find out. But, if you say, ‘My name is Jigar’ and I ask you, what is this ‘my’, your whole life will go in finding that out.

16. How do we free motive from our actions? That is the only question to be asked.
Whenever you are moved to react, to say something, repeat the statement in your mind again and again and again. In the repeating, you will see the motive. We talk fast to hide our motive.

Do you sometimes get the feeling that one day you will be caught? This is because we do one thing internally and show another.

The basis for this deception is to get what I want. Great discipline needs to be cultivated and the core of that is to not give myself what I want.

So the first practice is to know what it is that I want (identify motives in your every action). Then, sacrifice what I want i.e. stay quiet and don’t react to what life gives you. Willingly and happily sacrifice yourself.

If you are a businessman, you will be very happy about this transaction because what you are sacrificing is so little and what you will get in return is God Himself.

The prism exercises will help you see your motives so clearly you’ll forget how to lie.

17. In everyday life, our actions are justified. We think we are doing something to help others. But you can ask yourself, are you the last person on earth that you have to help? Will the world stop if you don’t do something? Using your justifications as an excuse, you go ahead and do it. But if you really want to help the other person, stop doing. The more you move to do good, the more you are attaching yourself to this planet. You will see that without your doing anything, that person will do just fine. What you need to do is get rid of your own self, stop taking birth.

18. The whole world is caught up in good and bad. If you don’t make a choice, you are called a fence-sitter. We have to become Shikhandin which is about the third force. It’s not about being in the middle but about being on both sides.

19. Conscience is not Sanjay alone, it is Sanjay and Narad muni. Sanjay reports but Narad muni also asks, creates a conflict internally, makes you think about what you are doing. Narad muni is so zoomed out of things, he can see everything. For him, there is no time. He can see the before and after of everything.

20. Everything is by divine plan, not individual desire. Every day, ask Him what is the divine plan for me? Go by the guidance of the black flame in conscious sleep.

Registration that happens inside is based on 2-4-8-2 but the final action then goes according to divine plan. For this, personal desire has to go out.

21. You don’t just come to the gates of heaven at the end of your life but every day, twice – once in the night, before you fall asleep and once in the morning, before you wake up.
There is a third time every day – at around 3.30 am when you go into samadhi.

22. Real ahimsa is not possible because creation itself is a violent process. So the only way is to go back to the womb and stay that. That is what we do in the Gayatri Mantra, go back into the womb of Gayatri ma. Every day, go deeper and deeper and you will be transported to that place.

23. Real conscious sleep practices begin when there is no food in the physical body. For that we have to stop eating after 4pm. Not just food for the physical body but also mental food i.e. thoughts of he did this and that to me, I didn’t get this or that etc. You have to empty yourself of both these types of food to being real practices.