Purpose of conflict between man and woman

We keep having the doubt – will I get or will I not get? But this thing itself – of will I get or will I not get – is based upon the fact that the energy is flowing outwards. Or I expect the energy to come from outside to me, through a man, through another human being.

The woman’s system is such that when she receives the attention, she starts feeling fulfilled, starts feeling complete. That’s how it’s been made technically. But there’s something hidden within this. When I get my attention from a man, I need it all the time then. Otherwise, I start getting restless. That’s what creates the uncertainty – will I get it or not? Because he keeps going to other women, to other work, to friends, whatever. So getting my attention and my fulfillment is therefore uncertain, dependent upon whom?

That is why the conflict between man and woman in always there. Because he just wants to do it to you. The moment he comes, he goes somewhere else. Fundamentally, this is how it is. Forget about love and those stupid things. Technically, this is what it is. The rest is to show to society.

M: But it’s true for women too…

D: It is true. But when you want the attention to come, even you can have it from anybody. But you see you’re creating a concept again. No..

M: But technically, you’re saying men are like that. But women are also like that…

U: But once they get their attention, is when they’re done with the man. I think that’s what she’s asking..

D: Correct. At that moment, you’re done with the man. When you’re done with the attention, you feel fulfilled. After that, even you can move to another man. So what is true for the man is true for the woman also. But are you able to be okay with that? What stops you from being okay? Suppose if you’ve got your attention from one person. It’s not fulfillment, it’s a fix you get. Then you move on to somebody else and get your fix from there. But what has happened to you to not be okay with this last part? Do you do that?

M: What if the man is not a fix at all?

D: Yeah, so whatever your fix. We’re using an example of a man or woman right now. Whatever it is you’re looking for.


U: Apart from the attention we want, we also want attention from a particular man, not anybody.

D: Yes, but where does it come from? That wanting attention from a particular man. How do you define that particular in that man.

U: That is not technical, right?

D: It happens in the mental and astral, this part. What are the features of this product?

U: Some features you have an affinity for.

D: Yes, this hasn’t happened now. It’s been going on for millions of years and it’s fake. Because if there’s a preference for something, that means there’s no preference for something else. Again, it cannot be the real thing because everything is a Divine Fragment, then how can there be a preference?

So it’s dishonesty (untruth). This has been happening since millions of years, it’s not happened now. So we’re always going to be always unfulfilled. There’s no way to have fulfillment from your ideas, desires, physical objects or people around you. It’s actually impossible. It cannot be because the circle ends in you, it doesn’t end in somebody else. And what you’re hankering for is some idea, some feeling or some person or object. Meaning, people, places and things.

But how can anything outside of you complete you?  Is it technically possible in the first place? It’s not. But you see this happens because you don’t know who you are. There is no experience of the real within you. The experience of the M person is a false experience because it’s been based upon the ideas she has about herself, the desires she has within herself and the actions she puts in the physical body which are based upon the ideas and desires she has in the mental and astral. If those two things are false in the first place, what will the actions complete or fulfill you in any way? If those two are false in the first place, how can you decide on or define a M.

So whatever you do, there is something real within you that will say this is not bringing fulfillment. So you can keep doing what you want, fulfillment will not come. It will only come from the real.

U: Can you explain how each organism has the man and woman inside?

D: In the Book of the Secrets, there is an important point. I’ll come back to the question… You see, if there had to be no real center within you, it would be okay. You would be completely false and you would be okay. The problem is you have a real center within you, so there’s always a comparison. It’s like this – if you are thirsty, you’ll drink water and your thirst will be quenched. If you give water to the cushion, it’ll just get wet and you’ll have to dry it. Technically, what you’re doing is stupid. When you’re thirsty, what are you thirsty for?

Or let me put it in another way. If you’re thirsty, you’ll drink water. But will you eat the bottle? No. Why not? Because you see water is the only thing that can satiate your thirst. Nothing else. Do you understand this as a technical absurdity if you try to eat a bottle or eat something to quench your thirst. It will remain no matter how much you go on eating or looking at water. Looking is not enough, so you have to drink it.

Similarly, in life, for this real thing, you can’t do anything but give that real thing to itself – and what is that real thing? You yourself. And what is the manifestation of that real thing – your own attention, which is flowing outside, should flow inside. There is no other way.

Now, when I get into this man-woman thing. The illusion has been created – you see from oneness, if a game had to be played, what do you do? You have to play with somebody. You are anyway playing with yourself, but you got bored because you were one. So now the game demands that you create somebody else to play it with. So you create two. But where did that two come from? Only I exist. There is nobody and nothing that exists, nobody to play with.

(interruption) So what do I do? I divide myself into two. I play the game with myself. So this is a chess board, I sit here, make a move and then go play from the other side. But instead of moving from one side to another, I divide myself in half and play the game with two people involved. After some time I’ve forgotten that that two are not two but only one. I’ve been playing the game for such a long time, I’ve forgotten. The manifestation is that this is a man, and this is a woman. But there is no such thing.

U: But technically, now, the man has something the woman wants and the woman has something the man wants.

D: That’s what it looks like. What’s so different between a man and a woman…

U: The body parts.

D: That is the physical form. That is how the game has been created, in an interesting fashion. But actually, it’s the same Divine Fragment. So what are we hankering for, between man and woman? That’s just a concept.

A few months of doing these exercises, the whole thing is going from you – you are able to see that as something you couldn’t live without looks absurd now. And all the behaviour patterns you had – the same men are around you, you don’t project those patterns, they’re not there in the first place now. What’s different? There are still men in the world. You’ve changed. You’re not on that frequency anymore. So if this is possible, isn’t it possible one day, you will lose the very idea of there being a woman, you and a man.

U: So like you were telling me earlier, I’ll be walking on the street and won’t be able to differentiate between a man and a woman? Which is already happening. Earlier my first impression of a man was that he was a man. Now, it’s like I’m looking at somebody.

D: One day what will happen is you will not be there. The street will be full of men and women, you won’t be there. You’ll stop playing the game. It will end. You would have said, enough.

U: So the man and woman thing is that there is no man and woman.

D: The rest is just layers…