About Deepak Dhingra

Deepak Dhingra began 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing (3SRB) practices in 1995 when he heard about Shri Soli Tavariaji (founder of 3SRB) for the first time and instinctively sensed that he had found what he was looking for.

Tavariaji had by then left the body, but Mr Dhingra learnt 3SRB from Dr. Soli Parukh. A few days later, he met Shri Rajen Vakil who became his guru. From Shri  Rajen Vakil, he feels privileged to have learned things that has enabled him ‘to be in communication with his
own divine voice’.

Today, Mr. Dhingra teaches his students how to use the chaos of everyday life as a means to self-observation and finding one’s inner serenity. Apart from the Bhagwad Gita, he talks extensively about self-observation, communication, work, relating with other people, addictions and obsessive compulsive behaviours of various kinds, taboos and more. In his sessions, he discusses the significance of fear, anger, resentment, sex, shame, guilt and embarrassment, among others. Mr. Dhingra has personally experienced that instead of denying these feelings which are often rejected by society, they can become stepping stones towards realizing one’s fullest potential.

Scores of people in Mumbai have benefited from Mr. Dhingra’s approach and his unique gift of penetrating superficial layers of personality and self-image to get to the root of each individual’s divine potential and helping it flower.