Dewdrop Reality, Dream & Sleep and Pure Ego


Imagine a dewdrop on a leaf. Within that dewdrop, zooming in, there is a world inhabited by people, animals, trees, ants… everything in the same proportion as we see on earth. But if you zoom out, they all occupy the space within the dewdrop. Except they don’t know it.

Now if you zoom out more, then it is possible that the world in which we’ve imagined this dewdrop on a leaf is also in a dewdrop. And if you zoom out even more, then is it not possible that you are also in a dewdrop? Continue reading Dewdrop Reality, Dream & Sleep and Pure Ego

Hurt Pride

We have a tendency to think ‘Why should I do something for someone else’ or ‘I like doing things for others but I can’t accept favours myself’. But both point to a discomfort with self. Some of these tendencies are from this life, some from others, but all are artificial. So what is the solution? If you tell me drop me to BKC so that I can take an auto to Ghatkopar, then I have no choice now but go through the traffic and drop you to Ghatkopar. Whatever the body-brain system tells you to do, you HAVE to do the opposite of that. You have no option. People say, ‘I won’t do this till the day I die’. I say, ‘As long as you don’t do it, you won’t die.’ Do that which gives you discomfort. Continue reading Hurt Pride

Words, Thought Patterns and Emotions

First start working in the realm of words. To change your patterns, look at your words. To break the stranglehold of words, in any situation, say the opposite. By doing this, you will free yourself from the power of words. They will no longer hold sway over you.

Humans have become verbose. They cannot see beyond words and have lost touch with the self. The self is notjust what you say. There are millions of other processes happening in the system. Continue reading Words, Thought Patterns and Emotions

Man and Woman

We keep having the doubt – will I get or will I not get? But this thing itself – of will I get or will I not get – is based upon the fact that the energy is flowing outwards. Or I expect the energy to come from outside to me, through a man, through another human being. The woman’s system is such that when she receives the attention, she starts feeling fulfilled, starts feeling complete. That’s how it’s been made technically. But there’s something hidden within this. When you get your attention from a man, you need it all the time then. Otherwise, I start getting restless. That’s what creates the uncertainty – will I get it or not? Because he keeps going to other women, to other work, to friends, whatver. So getting your attention and your fulfillment is therefore uncertain, dependent upon whom? That is why the conflict between man and woman in always there. Because he just wants to do it to you, the moment he orgasms, he goes somewhere else. Fundamentally, this is how it is. Forget about love and those stupid things. Technically, this is what it is. The rest is to show to society. Continue reading Man and Woman

Anger or Threat to Self-Image? / Pride & Integrity

Anger or Threat to Self-Image?

Look forward to moments of pain in your life. In the night, recreate the situation in your mind. Disturbances mean something is wrong and if something is wrong, it’s about me. The mind will automatically focus on the other – it’s his fault, he shouldn’t have done it, etc. But bring the focus to yourself.

Let’s say you are angry at your father and husband at home, your boss and colleague at work. These four people bring about different intensities of anger in your reactions. With your husband it’s a 9 because he is around you every day. If you meet your father once every 2 or 3 years, the intensity of anger there will be lower. But if he starts living with you, the intensity will come back to 9 as it was in your childhood. It’s the same with the boss and colleague – because you interact with them every day, the intensity is of the level 9. Continue reading Anger or Threat to Self-Image? / Pride & Integrity


D: The way you are right now… try and understand what I’m saying… Are you now the way you were back in Bandra Café? Are you the same thing?

U: No.

D: And yesterday, an hour ago, 20 years ago… so what has changed? The body, you think, has changed – it’s grown from this to this. The world outside has changed. But the way you are internally – has that changed? And you can understand time only through the external thing, right? So you say something has changed, I say something has passed. In a vacuum you will not be able to, because there is nothing else. Will you see that there are some things changing? You won’t, right? And if you can’t see some things changing, how will you know, what will you call time then? There is nothing to call as time, correct? Continue reading Time

Different Is, the observing I, life as impressions and IESM ratio

D: … psychological aspect, not the physical aspect. (pause) What were we talking about? What was our original thread?

U: Sex.

D: Sex. And what is actually happening inside us, what is our need. But what need do we project to ourselves? So that was what we were saying. Our projection seems real to us. The projection creates a sensation within our body which make us want sexual gratification. This looks and appears real to the system – that I need sexual gratification. And the sexual imagery starts in the mind. Sexual thoughts begin. So I start planning… I have no knowledge, I have no understanding of how the state changed. Why did these sexual thoughts start happening? I have no idea. But it happened. And it keeps on happening. And after some time, they disappear also. Meaning, my state changes. Let’s say, if I’ve had sexual gratification of any kind, the state changes. Why should it change? Why does having an orgasm change state? Continue reading Different Is, the observing I, life as impressions and IESM ratio

Purpose of differences, concept of need and programming of the three bodies

Listening to marketing jargon you’ll think, oh my status is this, so I have to travel by plane. Travelling in a plane is not a desire, it’s not luxury. That’s a need. Oh, I can’t travel in a taxi or train. Somebody else on a lower scale will say, oh, I can’t travel in a local train, I have to travel by car. That’s a need. Somebody on a still lower scale will say I can’t walk to work, I have to take the train. Somebody still lower will say I have to walk to work, I have no option. Somebody lower than that will say oh, I can’t work, I have to work here. I can’t travel also, there’s no money to travel. Continue reading Purpose of differences, concept of need and programming of the three bodies