Look at the Real You – The journey from Nowhere to Now Here
There are some fundamentals to keep in mind before you proceed to read the material on this website.

1. This website does not talk of spirituality. Spirituality can only be taught by the Spirit. (But how do we even know that it exists?)

2. What is this website then? It is a practical guide to help you, the aspirant, reach a state where the Spirit will tell you what to do. Only He can tell you what to do. The material on this website will tell you, in strange ways, what not to do or how not to lie in order to reach a state where you can be in honesty – a state of direct communication with the Spirit. (Even to claim this is to border on impudence for who can guarantee such a thing? Only the Spirit decides when to establish direct contact with the aspirant.)

3. This website takes you, the aspirant, on a path which is in direct opposition to the path followed by the whole world, of which you are a part. So if you read something here and think you’ve understood it, it is certain you haven’t. Direct understanding is not possible for human beings. What this world calls ‘understanding’ is simply making connections in the mind stuff (what this means you will not know. The brain & mind are separate things).

4. This website is about collecting all the pain – anger and fear manifest – of every moment and holding on to it. Before you venture forth here, please grasp that everything here must be read through one context – that our anger and fear, i.e. our pain, are our most valuable possessions and only through these can we attempt to do anything.

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