Notes – August 2012

The urge to get something from outside is because we feel an emptiness.

As long as we are identified with something unreal, transient, we will never be fulfilled. Fulfillment is an attribute of something permanent.

The object of your desire is always dependent on your image/identity which comes from concepts. It is not real.

Bharat – one who can hold bhar or pressure

For the sake of social niceties, we say so and so is our name. But the problem is we ourselves believe we are our name.

If we can understand the mechanics of how we came to be the way we are, we can stop being this way because we will see it is just a mechanism and can be tweaked.

Even mental concepts are reactions.

What you can change, change. What you can’t change you will find are boons given to you to understand yourself better.

Conscious humanity – Everyone has a guardian angel and we are being taken care of. So even when bad things happen, just go through them, knowing that someone is watching over you.
All our knowledge is just information which with practice has become an internal understanding. But this understanding is automatic. We have to come to real understanding. That comes from above.

The way to test the worth of all your so-called understanding is to ask yourself – does any of it help in the face of an unknown thing?

All knowledge is information accumulated over several thousands of years, a slow process.

Everything is a play of three forces – Sattva (active), Tamas (passive) and Rajas (third force).

When you decide to do something, plans do not materialize. You have to instead sense what to do. The more the ego is involved, the more the obstacles you will face.

Our deepest desire is for us to do good, for us to be happy. We always think what we do is right.

If you put in effort, you are gone. Instead, understand your reality.

Crossing the Yamuna (divine love) is akin to dissolving the ego.

The real is that which is permanent.

Everytime there is trouble, it means Krishna is saying – ‘Be here with me. Come back to me. You have forgotten yourself.’

We are living in a world of imagery. We can’t focus on the subtlety of life. We focus on the gross.

If there is only one thing you can cultivate, cultivate mental integrity – Just be true to yourself and when you are, you cannot be false to anyone else.

Krishna sucking his thumb is symbolic of our ability to be fulfilled in ourselves. But we spend life looking for fulfillment outside because of the imagery/scenery outside which makes us believe fulfillment is outside.

Snake – linear time, stuck to the ground

Time is a slave of consciousness, but right now we are slaves of time. This is because we don’t have consciousness.

In the moment of anger, when we go inside, we go vertical and defy the linear movement of time.

When the heart cries out for what it has lost, the soul laughs for what it has got.

Kans or Kams – meaning drinking vessel i.e. being drunk with desire

Krishna kills Kams in hand to hand combat, which means it’s a long battle.

The biggest high comes from you being yourself.