Purpose of Fear

D: Automatically, the survival thing functions… see, the reason being for the organism to survive, it has to have some safety net. Otherwise it’ll go and walk on the road and won’t know that it’s not supposed to do that. It’s a built-in programming.

U: Otherwise, the Divine Fragment won’t go through any experiences…

D: Right. It won’t be able to go through any experiences. And why does it want experiences? Because the Divine Fragments are bored and want something to do. Otherwise, there’s no need for experiences. Now when this survival mechanism functions automatically, the thing that should develop doesn’t develop because the human can’t look inwards, they only look outwards. The automatic system functioning inside becomes applicable to the human as well. i.e. the automatic system that has control over the body-brain system starts applying to the individual too.

U: But you’ve said earlier it’s not possible for us to even conceive of separating ourselves from our body brain system because that’s how it’s been designed.

D: No, but you see there is an obvious thing that is there around you, which is the world. You ARE going to question it. Where has all this come from and where have I come from? Everything looks structured, I look structured too… how is this possible? So, when a child plays with something, it tries to create something. Automatically, humans have a tendency to do, to create. When actually the fools should be asking themselves, how do I exist? But they are not able to find the answer, and again the survival mechanism takes precedence because of immediate concerns.

It’s not that people haven’t tried – people have tried and succeeded, but the majority remains in fear. The majority doesn’t want to hear. If they only would hear what the enlightened ones have come to know, then the entire basis of the fear would go away, because the fear, no matter what you do… the organism will never be in a state of non-fear. It’s not technically possible. And the paradoxical thing is – the fear is for the survival of the organism, but the organism can survive only if he starts looking at the source of his life.

Otherwise, you’re daily fighting a battle… the fear is of actual survival. But you’re daily fighting… let’s take the example of your colleagues. They are all going by known and established methods of survival, mechanically surviving some way or the other at work. So what they do is… see, this particular thing has evolved after a few thousand years. Like building walls and houses and thinking, this is my house and I’m safe within it – because of the fear of being attacked. But… okay, I’ll come back to this. And the second thing is – to fight for your daily survival i.e. you have to work, earn money etc.

So when, you see a tree and you see fruit, you get it for yourself. Or when you see an animal you discover you can eat its meat… by this process, you’ve reached here. How have you reached? By each person giving the next what he’s understood. But since the first person came into the situation through fear, he’s passing on the fear to the next generation, correct?

U: So all progress has been based on fear. Otherwise, we’d all be still living in the jungle.

D: Obviously. Why do you need to change your outside anyway? Because you see, if that guy would just understand that you don’t need to be afraid, that fear is a survival mechanism for the organism, not for you. And if you find him, the source of your life, what you want and much more will automatically come.

U: Like the astral-physical thing?

D: Yes. You experienced recently… the thing with hunger. Like I told you that day, if you go deeper into your self, hunger disappears in the same way that sex has disappeared. Doesn’t the same logic apply? So also it will be true that if you go inwards, the very basis for fighting for survival won’t exist. Why will you fight then? Why will you go do anything in life? We are all doing this for hunger, no?

U: Yes, but I’ll still eat and do all those things required for the organism to survive, right?

D: Yes, but there will be no desire to do any of it. Coming back to your colleagues. Now, each one has been passing on techniques of survival to the next generation. And let’s say you build one building, the next generation will say, oh let’s build a better building, better technology for you to be more safe and so more dumb.

U: So your mind is working less because you’re safe already…

D: Yes, so that you can be more dumb in the coming years, okay? And you keep the illusion that I’m becoming smarter. If I just buy this gadget, it automatically implies that I’m smarter, something built in in the advertising of it.

Okay. But coming back… when each person transfers his fear and his knowledge, what do they do? They create definite streams of action. You become a trader, a hunter, a robber, a murderer… this or that. So, the next generation, being the same as older generation, they are not gonna go inwards and question, oh how did I come here. If they question, they’re asked to forget all that. And being the same humans born in the same way again and again in the same planet – it’s not that children are to blame, they are the same as their parents – they don’t want to know anything, so they keep repeating this stuff. They mechanically follow being a trader, murderer, robber… being anything.

Now when you mechanically act, what happens is… suppose you have a classroom where you are teaching commerce – now all of them have mechanically come there. But among the mechanical ones, the ones who are more afraid are going to put in more effort to understand stuff. They are labeled as the smarter ones. So when fear is more, intelligence grows.

This is the direct relationship between fear and awareness. So you become more observant of things around them, which is called smartness. And you are able to quickly judge, because your fear, that is the manipura charka, is rotating very fast and makes left brain work fast. So the greater the speed of the manipura charka, the greater the speed of the left brain…

U: So if the fear instinct is only meant for the organism to survive and not the individual, then is this fusing together some sort of malfunction that has occurred?

D: No, there’s always two sides to a story. You have to find out the hidden thing. The purpose of fear is to grow awareness. What we do is grow intelligence, so-called. But through that intelligence we come to grow awareness. Because once that intelligence is fast enough, it’ll come to a point to seeing the absurdity of the whole thing. It will be a long process taking millions and millions of years, but the way it is designed, you will definitely come to this point because the fear will become so much inside – because with fear since it’s a survival mechanism it fixes everything. When you become too afraid, you’ll want to find a way out. When you’re too angry, again you’ll want to find a way out. When you’re too happy, it’ll subside by itself. There’s a proper reason for everything.

U: So my colleagues are in the lower end of the upward arc? But they’ll all take many births to reach this point because it’s the only way to go… but what about Ramakrishna who didn’t have a great intellect but could still see God?

D: This intelligence when it goes beyond fear and comes into contact with Him then as you have yourself seen, what is the need for any intelligence now? It’s all happening by itself. Just sit back and do your exercises. Then thoughts itself stop. In fact, intelligence – that is the intelligence of this world – then comes in the way.

What I was trying to tell you is fear gives the next generation that fear and a whole system of living life, including the way we think. The way we think is the same as we’ve been thinking all these millions of years. That doesn’t change.

Now, in order to make it more complex and create a greater illusion… your eyes will always keep looking outward. Say you see a plane and you’ll think it’s a new type of bullock cart. So you’ll attach a rope to it and sit on it and run it. After a few thousands of years, you’ll wonder, if it’s a cart then why does it have these buttons and an engine. You’ll realize it moves by itself. And you’ll say oh I have a motorcar. You’ll call it a motorcar. Again a few thousand years will pass and you’ll ask if it’s a motorcar, why are these wings protruding from here? So by accident, you’ll learn that you can go up and you’ll say, oh it flies also! And some 50,000 years have passed.

Inherently, the earth and its conditions have been given to you. We’ve been living on this planet 65 million years but we invented the steam engine only 150 years ago. You see the human brain is very stupid, forget about intelligence.

Now, a person like me is basically a dumb person. You see if I have to go on my own method of intelligence, what would I have been doing? If I would have competed with this world, I would be seeking a different way out all the time. I wouldn’t have been able to compete. After all, on what basis do you compete?

The basis is only fear, nothing else. But I seem to have understood that the basis of all intelligence has to be him. Because this that I have has been acquired from the conditioning that I find myself in, and quite accidentally too if I don’t understand how life has come about. It does seem like quite an accident, right? It could be a random big bang kind of thing. Although, there can’t be a big bang, it’s not possible technically. It’s rubbish.

So to use perfect logic there has to be somebody from where it has to begin… as I have told you… wherever you go, you have to come – if you apply 100% logic – to the fact that somebody who is self-generating, self-sustaining is behind this. It cannot be that I’m here because my father and mother had sex and gave me birth. It has to end in a self-generating power, how can it not end over there?

But only if you’re fully logical, can you come to that conclusion. But not everybody is fully logical, people are just partially logical – they are putting two and two together of what they see in the outside world. But that is again absurd. Because you see – how did you come here? That question is not answered ever. And where did you go?

So coming back, whatever my patterns of thinking, or like the way you walk, is aped from other girls in the world. So everyone is the same. It’s just that we want to hold on to some idea of individuality and say this is mine. Mr T says, ‘no matter where you are, no matter what you do…’ – which is no matter which life or planet you are on – you will do the same thing.

Suppose if you work hard to be free of a lot of things, you will be born on another planet. And you’ve progressed well, acquired a lot of understanding about yourself and worked hard. But still you will have a form. (voice inaudible)

You’ll think oh I’ve come here, what’s left now. And you’ll just come back. It’ll be say, that tinge of arrogance. You’ll say to yourself, it’s the last lap, I’ll be through. The minute you say I’ll be through, you’re gone.

Because you see the desire is to be through and the divine fragment will finally return to its source, no matter what, who we are and what we have accomplished. And who will tell us the way? Only He has to guide us. We have to ask Him, God, should I take a left or right? In the downward arc, the divine fragment was bound by the rules of the game. But in the upward arc, any moment he can go back.

U: So in the astral world, there’ll be other illusions?

D: Much more. This is nothing. There, anything you want will materialize in front of you.

U: But then if we’ll all have what we want and there’ll be no suffering, then won’t it be more difficult to become aware?

D: It will. Now the game becomes different… now there’s no suffering. You see at any time, you can create a beautiful lake and trees, fish in the water, greenery. You can create it all. You’ll stay there for eternities. Because the desire is to always have fun. What I’m trying to do with you guys is to sometimes take my whip and don’t let you settle into any state because the desire fundamentally, is to have fun, to feel good. And I keep whipping – something I’ll bring from here or there. You see this astral world is still less powerful than the electronic/mental world which is infinitely more powerful. You can do whatever you want, you can be anywhere in the universe, you can control things.

U: Can they come here?

D: There are laws operative. One can’t just come here. A lot of checks have been put in place.

Now, when you have much more development and progress in civilization, you have more conflict. And this is just the beginning. We are now at the beginning of the scientific revolution, the age of science. Well, the clay, the science has always been there. Humans have just been dumb.

But now the time has started. The external progress will be amazing. And you already know how lasers can be used to kill but also help cure cataracts. But now, fear will also increase. Because you see as people move on, because of their basic incompetence, their fear will start rising. Their hidden fear, whose brother is viciousness.

This viciousness doesn’t come out at first because of something called hope. But the hope keeps decreasing. Every passing year, hope goes down because so-called comparison increases. The results are not what we want. Because the comparison is, everybody else gets an iPhone, even I want one. Whether I have the money or not, doesn’t matter. Whether I have the talent or not, I should get that position at work. So, much more fear and cunningness and viciousness will be born.

You don’t have that cunningness of working your way around people, seducing the boss etc. You will say to yourself, oh I got this position at work because I’m smarter. But I will say, you’re not smarter, you’re just more afraid. Fear makes you work so much. In J, the fear isn’t so much but the fear that is there produces laziness, not activity. It just produces mental activity.

So resentment increases. After three years – it always takes three years – this viciousness will come out, action will be put in. Some things will change outside. In your company, that has happened. Three years the bosses waited. A had to leave, AS had to come in. Now it will get worse. Meaning, more of a dynamic system will come in. What is dynamism? More fear.

So they will start reacting – now it’s a do or die situation. They’ve held it in for long. Now the anger has to erupt. But because of laws and so-called image factors, they can’t go beyond some limit. And they are women so they will adopt the cunning, womanly way. They will start by conspiring amongst themselves, talking about stuff. You will wonder what they are talking about, which is also fear-based. Now, their revolution will either be squashed or they’ll be given new posts in new govt. But what are you coming with to the table? They have nothing. It’s all imaginary what they think they have. So their story will be over.