Hidden purpose behind paralyzing fear

Paralyzing fear is because… you tell me, if I’m paralyzed, what happens?

U: You can’t move.

D: You can’t move. It’s all in these three words. Paralysis means can’t move. I didn’t see it all these years. I saw it in the car today. This fear paralysis i.e. should I go here or there, should I do this or that… but don’t forget that chain we were on earlier, I’m just taking a break because I’ll forget this otherwise… Continue reading Hidden purpose behind paralyzing fear

Drawer of Secrets (Part 1)

D: How many situations do we have of fear? Meaning, I may be afraid because I may need something. Or I may be afraid I will lose something. Basically it is these two but within these two, what looks like the obvious thing on the surface i.e. I need to make a decision about something. But you see what we do is when we talk to other people, we take into account and we show only those things that matter or are spoken the most. But the things not spoken about are always hidden, we never speak about them. That is why they’re hidden. If we spoke about them, they would not be hidden. But why do we hide them? Continue reading Drawer of Secrets (Part 1)

Purpose of conflict between man and woman

We keep having the doubt – will I get or will I not get? But this thing itself – of will I get or will I not get – is based upon the fact that the energy is flowing outwards. Or I expect the energy to come from outside to me, through a man, through another human being.

The woman’s system is such that when she receives the attention, she starts feeling fulfilled, starts feeling complete. That’s how it’s been made technically. But there’s something hidden within this. When I get my attention from a man, I need it all the time then. Otherwise, I start getting restless. That’s what creates the uncertainty – will I get it or not? Because he keeps going to other women, to other work, to friends, whatever. So getting my attention and my fulfillment is therefore uncertain, dependent upon whom? Continue reading Purpose of conflict between man and woman

What is reality?

D: Rajneesh spoke about this. Once, Chuang Tzu woke up from his sleep in the daytime and he got very worried. His friends asked him what happened. He said, ‘I just woke up from a dream. In the dream I dreamt that I was a butterfly flitting around some flowers. When I woke up I realized that if I could dream that I was a butterfly – and the dream seemed so real that I had forgotten that I was Chuang Tzu… the entire world around me looked real, I flitting around looked real. Now I’ve woken up – I’m Chuang Tzu, I’m not the butterfly. But when I was dreaming, I was the butterfly. Now I can see that I wasn’t, I’m me. I dream every day but today I realized that if I’m dreaming that I’m a butterfly, what if somebody else is dreaming that he is Chuang Tzu? Am I living in somebody else’s dream right now?
It’s a very significant point. Chuang Tzu did not realize it at that moment. He was not an enlightened person. He was a philosopher. He didn’t have an answer. He just asked a question. Philosophers ask questions. Continue reading What is reality?