No Title Can be Given For Now

There is only one – the creator – but it gives the appearance of two – the created and through inference, the creator. The created gives rise to illusion of multiplicity.  And in this illusion of multiplicity, we swing between objects of creation. This way we will never learn the fundamental truth – that there is no duality, let alone multiplicity.

Being in the middle, not being driven by any person, feeling, concept or thing, will get you to oneness.

Out of nothingness comes everything. Only when you are empty, do you become one. If you are full of something, you will remain divided. To be empty means to die to yourself. While we are living life, we have to constantly empty ourselves out. Mr T says, ‘Empty thy boat’.  But being empty is a struggle. People foolishly look to fill themselves up with something or the other. Even the idea of God is nonsense. Simply remain empty. In emptiness, there is oneness – neither preference, nor denial.

Everyday, do not struggle for survival. Simply struggle to throw away everything you are. The fight for survival is complete nonsense. What is trying to survive? Survival implies duality, a struggle against something. It is foolish to even think of existence as something apart from you. What are you struggling against and in what? It is only a container that you are in. Do you know this container? Simply remain empty. Throw out the illusions you are filling yourself with.

There is no journey back home. Home is right here, there is no going anywhere. You are at the right place, the place you should be. Do not hope for something better or worse. There is no such thing.

Do not waste your time in struggling with the false. Throw out everything, everything is false.

Do not get into silly arguments about right and wrong, about what is required versus what is not. The mind is immature. To grow up, you don’t need to acquire anything, you have to throw everything that you are. What is holding you back is that you think you yourself are not enough, that you need something more. You are everything. That which you think of as more is what you already are and much more. There is no phrase more apt that ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’.

Every day, try to stand tall, stand upright, grow taller, grow in awareness. You can grow only if you throw out the false. Awareness is not something material to be had. You will find that the more you empty, awareness will occupy that space.

The rightful place of awareness has been taken over by imagination. We live in a huge bubble of imagination. To break away from this bubble is the only struggle worth indulging in.

Just like the rays of the sun cover you in a 360 degrees circle, the same way, illusion keeps you trapped. There is no one, two, three ideas of yourself that are part of imagination. Imagination surrounds you 360 degrees. Just as when you are standing under the rays of the sun, you can’t block out one, two, three rays, similarly, being under the veil of imagination, you cannot knock out one, two, three ideas. You have to throw out the entire thing. Otherwise it is not possible.

I say to you to start with one, two, three ideas first because we cannot see the whole. But when you start small and begin to see as each small thing as false, you haven’t escaped it yet. You are still under the power. There will come a point when you will have to jump without a harness or parachute, and that jump comes in three things:
1) Sex – when you are in an orgasm, there is nothing you can hold on to. Same as during death
2) Real death – You want to be able to hold on to anything as in sex. But unlike sex, there is no returning
3) Fear and anger every day. The sinking feeling in the stomach is what you have to stay in. But when we get the sinking feeling, we quickly turn it into anger and hit back. We react at such enormous speeds, we have no idea that the anger is brought about by fear. When you start holding on, exercise a pause, you will become very fast. It is paradoxical that to become fast, you have to become slow. When you become slow, you attune yourself to the speed of emotions and then to the speed of thought. Then you will see the mental patterns that lead to the emotional reactions.
How to exert the pause? By not reacting. How does one not react? By simply being in the fear or anger.

Every day, feel the sinking feeling in your stomach and learn to sink with the sinking feeling. That is a small death you go through every day through 1) Fear, 2) Sex 3) Death. If you can’t learn to pause with fear and sex while alive, if you don’t die every day; then death will be horrible.

Die every day. From the moment we are born, we go towards death. Every second, we are dying. You need to die every moment and in the grand finale, you won’t die. Otherwise, you will keep taking birth and die. Simply die to your ego every moment.

All celestial bodies are within us. The universe as it is outside is exactly the same, a mirror image, an exact copy of what is inside. The universe has its junction boxes. In the same way, a human body has its junction boxes. Take care of these every day with attentive relaxation and other exercises.

There is a much faster way – to remain within the illusion and yet come out, This is possible only with the exercises. There is no other way. The exercises take care of the thyroid, posterior and anterior pituitary gland, the gonads and the centres/junction boxes of man which are so arranged for electricity to flow. Electricity – the thing nobody understands. Electricity must rightfully go to each junction box. Electricity is consumed right now by the power of imagination. By destroying imagination, electricity, which is already there, will have none of its energy stolen and therefore, automatically, all centres will begin to perform in the rightful manner. This shows that nothing is to be added, only falseness is to be let gone of. Without falseness, everything works in perfect harmony, rhythm and balance.

The junction boxes are arranged in a shape of the cross. When he died on the cross, it was the death of the ego, of imagination. The death of something that never never did exist in the first place. This means that electricity is flowing perfectly. All centres are working perfectly. Everything is in a state of rhythm and balance.

Imagination is about the pair of opposites. If you want to – and there is no choice in this – reach a state of choicelessness, you have to remove yourself from like and dislike.

The body has its own functioning. Do not get swayed by the functioning of the body. It is also a fact that the body is what it is because of what you are. If you wish to know yourself, look at your body and at your symptoms. There is no other field of knowing and therefore, if emptying is seen as doing, then you have to act in the field of the body. Therefore it is called the kurukshetra. However, this doing has to be done without affliction or affection, without entanglement of the self with the body, the doing. One has to do knowing fully well that one cannot do.

The heart has the capacity to endure and love. The heart has the capacity to expand and contract into infinity every moment, to show you that you are as flexible as the universe itself and more than that because you have created it. Creation cannot be bigger than that which has created it.
For those who are confused, have questions as to how they will know the state is genuine – understand that the real knows what is real. The real will never accept the false as a substitute. Confusion shows you haven’t got to that state. At that state, there is no confusion, no uncertainty.

Come to the top of the hill and stay there. Watch the valley – it is green, inviting, safe, full of people and activity. Don’t go into the valley. Always tread the rocky and barren path to the top of the hill. Only look at the valley where humans live. Within it, there is a place in which you have to be. But the time hasn’t come for you to jump into it yet. For now, live on top of the hill and never take the easy way out to get there. If you try the easy way out, you will find there is none. Every easy way keeps you inside the valley. Every path that takes you to the top is difficult. The journey has to be undertaken alone, nobody can walk with you. It is a journey of loneliness, of pain. Being at the top of the mountain is lonely. Be alone every moment in your life. Yet you have to come back to the valley – that is the strangeness of it all. And when you have gone to the top and realized yourself through pain, you will be able to come back to the valley and then understand – this is home. Where you always were in the beginning. It is right here, right now. But to come here, you have to go far. To reach the nearest thing to you, you have to travel the farthest distance. It is closer to you than your own skin, your own thought. But you can’t see it because of the power of imagination. Prick the balloon of imagination with a needle, you don’t need an atom bomb.

Do not despair thinking nothing is happening. Every moment of struggle against the forces of life, of imagination, is recorded. Despair and frustration are the result of impatience which is designed to frustrate you. It is the power of imagination. Impatience is a product of time. As long as you are under its influence, you are under the forces of time. But time does not exist, nor space. To break time, break impatience. To do that is to endure without hope, without wanting to put an end to your suffering.