Feeling of Sinking

Based on how much drama we have done in life, once we die and don’t have the body as a medium, we really feel our emotions.

Right now, when we feel fear or anger, we usethe body to put on a mask, lie, move away from the situation. We suppress the feeling.

After death, there is nowhere to run, no way to suppress. We don’t even know how to feel the emotion (since we always suppressed it while alive) and so there is only a feeling of panic and a sinking feeling. And we keep sinking with no way to curtail it like we do while we’re on earth i.e. by eating something, by moving away, by saying something to get rid of the fear etc.

This sinking feeling makes us want to take birth again, to feel the ground beneath our feet again and make the sinking feeling stop. We just want to be back on land. But because the long-term memory is gone while we are on earth, we don’t remember this. We don’t remember what we are afraid of, only that we are afraid.

This is why we are afraid of death. We don’t know what death is but the system knows, it remembers. This is why we obsess over possessing land, of having a roof over our heads, of being enclosed within four walls.

So every moment in the day, feel fear, anger and sex energy and let understanding expand. The vibrations of anger go out into the whole universe and at this moment, if we can see our role in the anger, we develop understanding. When we see the anger is ours, not because of the other person, our reaction changes from anger to that of compassion and understanding because we can never be angry at ourselves. So our perspective towards that other person also becomes of love i.e. Bhim. Therefore, through understanding, love follows.

This is what Buddha means when he says Love is Understanding plus Compassion.