Session Notes – April 2017

  1. In any pair of opposites, there is a tension. Picture a line running through the center of a circle. There is a split – positive & negative, male & female etc. But the tension is not in either of those areas, it only seems to be so. The tension is in the split because that division is what holds the two sides together. That split is what creates the two ‘sides’ in the first place. In the world, we call this split guilt and shame.Therefore, where there is division, there is tension. Everything in the universe longs for completion. And the truth is, it is already complete. It only wants to end the lie by removing the layers of falseness that keeps itself infinitely divided.
  2. We keep looking to take something from everyone because we haven’t found ourselves.
  3. Excitement is actually fear that I won’t get what I want.
  4. If you see the similarity in everything, you will see God in everything. But we believe everything we encounter is different – a different day, a different person, a different experience. We don’t want to see the similarity. This is how we deceive ourselves.
  5. When we keep lying about something long enough, we begin to believe it is the truth.
  6. We take the pattern of feeling ashamed, hiding and lying about somebody else’s faults (e.g. parents) in our childhood and make it ours. We start to believe it’s our pattern. If we dig back into our childhoods and see how we deceived and lied, we will be able to know the entire spectrum of the lie. We will know the lie is not of this moment, but of the past. And yet, we repeat it out of habit. It has nothing to do with our present.
  7. We don’t know the truth. Not yet. But we can start eliminating our lies and what is left behind will be the truth.
  8. Deception starts with the self. Only if you mislead yourself can you mislead others.
  9. We make self-pity, sadness our own, when it is not. We hold on to this sadness because of self-importance, to feel entitled to so-called happiness. Pain and pleasure are tightly connected.
  10. We are so deep into the recognition of the familiar, that the unfamiliar is greeted with fear. We don’t want to face the unfamiliar. But if we could go past the fear and dive into the unfamiliar, we would find that this so-called unfamiliar is actually more familiar than what we call familiar now.
  11. As long as we identify with the unreal, the transient, we will never be fulfilled. Fulfillment is an attribute of the real, the permanent.
  12. What you can change, change. What you can’t change, you will find are boons given to you to understand yourself better.
  13. Always look for the third option in a situation. We only have two ways of looking at things – black or white, negative or positive, expression or suppression – and we struggle between the two. To struggle is to control. Control is expression/suppression. Life itself is an expression of suppression.When something is suppressed, it has gathered momentum to express. Likewise, when something is expressed, it gathers momentum to suppress. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And the moment we express/suppress it, we feel happiness, fear, anger, regret, etc. This is excitement. And in excitement, we are always off the mark. Wikipedia states that the word ‘Sin’ in Hebrew originates in archery and means ‘to miss the ‘Gold’ at the centre of a target but hitting the target’. To miss the mark, the core point is Sin

    The third option is to relax. That’s the opposite of expression/suppression. And it doesn’t mean to indulge.

  14.  We condemn a certain trait in others until we see it in ourselves. And since we’re incapable of condemning ourselves (not to be confused with guilt or shame or regret), after this point we no longer condemn that trait in others. This is what the world calls acceptance.
  15. The biggest high you can get is by being yourself.
  16. In order to not be stupid, one has to understand the deeper meaning of words, from the root upwards. Go deeper in the word through sight and sound. Eventually, if your everyday language begins to sound alien to you and you begin to look for the meaning of each and every word you use – literally, each and every word – and familiarise yourself with the look and sound of that word as you are using it in your thoughts or speech or in writing, it means you have made progress.
  17. The basic disease is fear. All other diseases are symptoms. Whether we are nice to somebody or rude to somebody, we operate from the same fear.
  18. We want to be even all the time. And we are not. (All desire is about completion). If we lose attention somewhere, we want it from somewhere else. There is a feeling of incompleteness. What to do? Simply live with the missing feeling. Don’t try to fix it. Fixing it is not the opposite.If you want to know what to do, see what your tendency is, what the the world is doing and turn around. Do the opposite. And the gap inside, the feeling of incompleteness, will vanish. In every moment, walk into what you fear as death. The opposite.
  19.  Every bully is a coward. All anger is fear. The fear is only one – my desire will not be met. And the desire is only one – to control one human being.
  20. We are always under the influence of laws. The entire life of a human is about subjugation. In every moment, we are subjugated to someone’s will and in turn, we subjugate someone else under our will. Hence the intense desire for ‘freedom’ – to be free of all laws. The irony is that we want to be free and all the time we have an intense desire to control.The path to freedom begins by not placing someone else under our law, under our control. Wanting freedom is also the same – the desire to control. Why do we have this desire in the first place? The desire is based on the the belief that I am separate from the other. Taking birth is deciding ‘I’m separate’. This is a delusion (avidya). But in this delusion, one of the first things produced are fear and self-pity. And the second thing is we lie to cover up the fear. Lying is how we try to control. Lying is tension. Honesty is the first step towards freedom, towards the ultimate relaxation. That’s how we put the desire to control to right use and move onwards on our journey.
  21.  The I is the first lie.
  22. Fundamentally, no happiness and no pain can really touch you because they do not belong to you.
  23. We don’t know what we are searching for. And because we don’t know, we will keep searching. So if you don’t know what you are searching for… need to take a hard look at yourself.It’s obvious that if you knew then you would have gotten it. So, be practical. If you search with a fixed idea in mind, the answer that eludes you will also stay an idea. Never will it become reality. And all the stuff the so-called wise people of the world say about life being a never ending road of discovery obviously haven’t reached the end of that road.

    William Quan Judge said “The greatest of all truths lies frequently in plain sight, or veiled in contraries.”
    And further, “You look and wait for some great and astounding occurrence, to show you that you are going to be permitted to enter behind the veil; that you are to be Initiated. It will never come. He only who studies all things and learns from them, as he finds them, will be permitted to enter, and for him there are no flashing lightnings or rolling thunder. He who enters the door, does so as gently and imperceptibly, as the tide rises in the night time.”

  24.  If something has an opposite, both are a lie.