Session Notes – March 2017

  1. Possessiveness – If you talk about holding on, you will begin to think of letting go. If you talk about letting go, you would have started holding on to the idea of letting go. Either way, you’ll be stuck. Holding on and letting go exist simultaneously. Love and hate exist simultaneously. If you say you love, you’ll also hate.The only possessiveness we feel is towards ourselves. We are possessive not of a person or a thing, but of our own personality. It is that to which we cling the most. When we start destroying the personality, possessiveness drops automatically.
  1. We compare ourselves with others constantly. Comparison comes from our deepest need to be at all places at all times – as it was originally. It’s the only need – the need for the ultimate expansion (GOD).
  1. Logic – Starting where you are and ending up at the only last possible outcome.  Faith – Arriving at the only last possible outcome and making your way back to where you are.
  1. If you keep pretending to be something you are not, you will never be who you are.
  1. We are limited in both space and time – that’s why we bicker over land, over relationships. All limitations are because of lust. And all lust is for land. Here land means personality, not the physical land of Earth. We are stuck in petty fights over square feet. If you want to transcend, look beyond your persona, look beyond the earth, the planets, even beyond the universes. Stop asking – What’s in it for me? We ask this all the time because our vision is limited. We are scared because we think we have to grab, otherwise it will pass us by and we will miss out. We constantly live in psychological fear. We can’t see more than a few moments away. Time ‘reduces’ as mind expands. Transcending space and time is noting else but expanding ourselves to infinity. Obviously, then we won’t feel the urgency of time. We can observe this happening sometimes. For example, when we go to a temple or church or any really large structure designed in a particular way, then we feel the passage of time and ourselves less so.
    One can do this on a daily basis. If in a crowded train you want to grab a seat that has just been vacated, zoom out and say no to the urgency, of wanting to take possession of that small little space. Every time you say no to grabbing a space or a moment in time, you transcend it.
  1. Trying to fix a mistake is also a mistake.
  1. Attention is both light and heat. In holding attention, the energy of light gets concentrated and heat is generated. The light will help you see your patterns and the heat will burn them.