Jealousy & male and female energies

Imagine a circle of girls holding hands but facing outwards. Now imagine around them another circle of men. Now imagine one circle moving clockwise and another circle moving anti-clockwise. Such circles are all around us, of co-dependent people who come together based on their respective structures.

D: Nobody’s filled up. That’s why you keep latching on. You keep doing the same activity.

U: And whenever we’re with one man, we think he’s the unique one, but we might as well be with any other man in that circle… Continue reading Jealousy & male and female energies

Drawer of Secrets (Part 2)

So we were talking about secrets, blackmailing, excitement. Now let’s go back to where did that haze you (U) were in come from? When in your school, class, home (sister) and society, when you see somebody and you compare inside, you say I can’t do this, I don’t measure up. There’s always a comparative analysis going on, always. But when did that begin in you? It didn’t begin now. It was already in you before you took birth. That is why you’ve taken birth like this. It’s not about societal conditioning, your mother, sister, your school etc. It is the way you are, from earlier times, before birth…

U: Which was not resolved? Continue reading Drawer of Secrets (Part 2)

No Title Can be Given For Now

There is only one – the creator – but it gives the appearance of two – the created and through inference, the creator. The created gives rise to illusion of multiplicity.  And in this illusion of multiplicity, we swing between objects of creation. This way we will never learn the fundamental truth – that there is no duality, let alone multiplicity.

Being in the middle, not being driven by any person, feeling, concept or thing, will get you to oneness. Continue reading No Title Can be Given For Now